i have questions 4 u! what do you use to record (and possibly edit?) your songs and covers? and your doodles and drawings, what's the process for them too? do you draw then scan and edit? and do you use photoshop and/or illustrator? probs best to answer these questions first then i will probably have more hahaha if u don't mind answering :-)

first off i would like to say that I GOT YR PACKAGE i haven’t had time to get pretty/take a pic with the soda pop necklace but i will soon i promise and everything was so so cute and wonderful and me and molly are planning on sending you something back sooooo there’s that! okay, and, as far as my “music” goes, i have been using audacity because i’m not srs about it at all but i’ve also been trying to look into another music editing program so i can make better stuff! now for drawing, which i haven’t even done in a long time because i just CAN’T GET INTO IT (it’s sad, i miss it) what i do is i either scan it (i don’t have my own scanner which blows) or i take a picture of it (haha janky!) okay and then i take it into photoshop and basically trace over it and then color it in! i’ve been trying to use illustrator but i’m not very good at it and i have no motivation to practice ever because my art muse has completely ditched me. ps i llove you

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